School Seminar

December 11, 2007 Tuesday from 7-9 The Early Learning Montessori Center in Bergenfield, NJ A Standard teachers seminar.

Parenting Seminar

December 5, 2007, from 7-9pm Rutherford Cooperative Nursery School in Rutherford, NJ will be hosting a parenting seminar that will be open to the parents, teachers, administrative staff and general public, guaranteed to improve your child’s relationship with you, others and him/herself. for information call 201-674-4215.


December 11 from 7-9 pm Bergenfield Montessori in Bergenfield, NJ will be hosting a seminar for their 6 teachers.


November 6-7 from 1-2:30pm The Children’s Studio in East Rutherford will be having the Preschooler’s Guru conduct a seminar for their 24 teachers.