Using part three like a bible.

Kristin from Greenlawn, NY I love the book and I have been reading it slowly and rereading.  I have been using part three like a bible. Working outside of the house mom of 1 daughter.

Caused Great Discussion

Norma said in a recent conversation,the [Red Balloon]staff had a higher level of excited about the Cognitively Correct technique [taught by the seminar]than any other seminar they had attended.  As well, the seminar caused a great deal of discussion amongst the attendees and any discussion created by a seminar is a very good thing. Norma
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From Isabella

My mother and I read Connecting the Dots. There are probably some parents that speak the in-correct way. If those people read this book, it will help them in so many kinds of ways. For a kid, it is very fun to read Connecting the Dots.  I know that adults will love this book. –
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From Richard Llewellyn Lewis, PhD, BSC

Your insight into the human condition can be compared to stepping out from dark alchemy into the light of quantum chemistry ‚ Connecting the Dots is a brilliant viewpoint on childhood that is as revolutionary as relativity was for scientists. -RICHARD LLEWELLYN LEWIS, PHD, BSC