Humanity’s challenge

The one problem behind all problems of human progress is the human development problem of human brain development – The Human Brain Develops predominantly during the childhood years, and the majority of the most significant basic building blocks for human intelligence and behavior develop in the early years of childhood brain development.  Therefore all of humanity’s problems that are inextricably linked to human brain development can only be significantly solved by addressing the natural requirements for early brain development.  All entities, orders, organizations and infrastructure of society, including economics, money, sociology, religion, technology, politics and education are indicative of the limited model of attained brain potential, which currently still stands at a roughly low ratio of 20%.  All of the structures of society are defined by this 20% model of brain potential, and new or better definitions and rules for these structures will depend on achieving higher standards of brain potential that depend on the qualities of compassion and optimism.

Cognitivology is setting the pace and standard for creating an awareness of the role of early childhood brain development for the sake of humanity’s survival, progress, quality of life and increased global consciousness and these appropriations greatly depend on understanding the need for early intuitive intelligence development.  Any organization, entities or scholars willing to acknowledge and create a better rendition of this natural fact are called to get started and join the challenge.