Swimming babies go viral – Earth Institute comments saying Preschoolers benefit – Arne Duncan still scatching his head over plummeting math and science scores…

Yes, preschoolers benefit in all skills when

they have learning opportunities to

combine the various skills of development

– Preschoolers that swim are better able

 to coordinate large motor skills with

language, excel in reading and writing,

among other accomplishments – so says

 the Earth Institute.  Well, they are very

completely correct. The question is – why

 do they wait to be questioned about such

skills in preschoolers, when they should

preempt and present to the world the

benefits of preschool development???

That is – the real benefits of preschool

development.  The natural elements;

nature and science — more concisely,

Natural Science modified by the senses

and the Fundamental Principles of Math

as the criteria for Preschool learning —

these are the building blocks for all

intelligence and behavior skills that are

inextricably linked together during the

preschool stage.  More time learning

with the natural elements instead of

being rotely and wrongly drilled in the

a,b,c’s & 1,2,3’s is the key to success in the

math and science subjects.  The top

performing academic nations know this.

Even Japan, whose children must

master ‘3’ writing systems, wait until the

age of five before teaching the first of

their writing systems.  The building block

skills for all skills are literally glued

together during the preschool stage, which

is why diversified skill activities with the

natural elements are key to preschool

 learning and the intuitive development

 of all skills – plus, of course the right

“lingo” must be used.  Too bad that the

Earth Institute and the National Dept. of

Education, headed by Arne Duncan, are

unable to provide a wealth of info,

knowledge, curriculum criteria and

significance of preschool development.

What’s worse is that the human brain

is ultimately designed to exercise

FORESIGHT and there is very little of

this skill being exercised by these and

other official educational bodies. The

foreseeable future is determined by how

build the preschool building blocks.

However, Cognitivology is all about

foresight and intuition and that is why

Cognitivology is focused on preschool

development – but more importantly,

the production of provisions – real

information, countless lesson and

language examples, suggestions and

the works necessary to ensure solid future

skills in math, science, literacy, social,

language arts, common sense, decision-

making, intuitive-reasoning, and

the ability to innovate in any field of

knowledge.  Obtain your own 50-page

package (2/3 full of natural science-math

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