Anti-bullying Life Lesson: Reasons and Rationale teenagers understand

Monday, March 7 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Location Bogota Recreation Department

162 West Main Street
Bogota, NJ

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Life Lesson:

(Be Yourself – everyone else is already taken)

– from someone who is on the teens’ side.

Reasons and rationale teenagers understand!

After speaking with hundreds of teens, Cognitively Correct, Inc. has created an effective program on the issues that teens are actually interested in discussing.  Free from judgment, ridicule and given in a safe environment, to be able to express their questions and concerns.

This program is a two (2) hour program addressing the follow:

First Section:

  • Why do Bullies bully (you’ll never believe it ’til you hear it)!
  • The ghosts of peer pressure and how to make them go away.
  • Why “fitting in” never works
  • What is the source and cause of Depression and Anxiety?
  • Character Development; The truth about how self-esteem and self-confidence are really acquired.
  • Intuitive skills and reasoning; What is your brain preparing you for now?
    • Sharpen your intuitive capacities
    • Understand that intuition is what you should be mastering at your age.
    • How to take pride in your individuality.

Second Section:

  • How your preschool years of development have affected you as a teenager and how to make the desired changes of behavior reflecting your personal abilities before your brain is fully developed (at around age 21/22)
  • Learn about how “responsibility” is a ‘by-product’ of all your abilities and talents, rather than an obligation that demands the surrender of your feelings and desires.
  • Understanding your role and contribution to the new age of “Quantum Thinking” and breaking away from the legacy of conventional thinking.
  • Knowing the difference between the ‘knowledge of guilt and consequences’ vs. the “knowledge of potential and possibilities”

For further information and details about the Cognitively Correct® Guidance for Life program please call 201-674-4215 or e-mail questions to [email protected].  Check out our website or