Cognitivology ~ A little Foresight Goes a Long Way

COGNITIVOLOGY is poised and prepared to help Parents and Teachers develop Children’s INTUITION – the highest function and application of  human intelligence skills  and  compassionate behavior skills  ~ which should be integrated – – meaning, they should be intuitively connected !!!

Human Development is human brain development.  The supreme ability of full human potential is the skill of INTUITION – which is applicable to all human intelligence and behavior capabilities. Fundamentally, intuition is the ability to connect basic and diverse pieces of information – it is also the ability to process new and unknown information or to be able to pre-cognize previously unknown events. The purpose of the human ability to intuit is so that we may exercise foresight for planning, decision-making and exemplifying creative and innovative ideas. 2012 seems to be a year popular for predicting the fate of humanity, but most predictions for humanity have revolved around  “foretelling” and depicting various possibilities of cataclysmic events, which is nothing new to human history.  So how can such events be classified as “predictions” or “revelations”?  Predictions involve new or unknown information – or, in the very least, predictions reflect new patterns of knowledge based on already available information.  If intuition is indeed the highest function of human potential, then real predictions about the fate of humanity would entail previously unrevealed information, or new knowledge patterns about how humanity can fully develop their intuitive capabilities.   Either human history will end, or humanity will begin a new history.  If it is to end, then what is there to foretell? If it is to progress, then we need to become cognizant of our intuitive abilities  – – so that we may be cognitively capable of processing that new information.

In any event, when we understand that human development is human brain development, then it’s only logical to realize that human brain development IS in fact, child development.  Since 90% of the brain’s network operating intelligence and behavior processes is established during the preschool stage, then essentially that would mean that to be an expert on human development, one must really be an expert on preschool development.  Since the brain is significantly influenced by language – and language is learned intuitively, while intuition is the highest function of human intelligence – it would make sense for linguists and human development experts (which would be preschool experts) to join forces.

THE MISSION OF COGNITIVOLOGY ~ is to disseminate a method for understanding and treating “INTUITION” as a “cognitive development” – both of which are meant to be connected as a seamless strand of intelligence development sequences – INTUITION and COGNITION just go together naturally during the early stages of learning – for a very good reason. The infrastructure of civilization should resemble the infrastructure of our brain, which resembles the infrastructure of the universe.  But first we must recognize the interconnecting infrastructure and processes of our brain’s potential ~ that is, understanding how all functions and capabilities are meant to be integrated and affected by one another.  Most significantly, we must understand that compassion clearly defines the brain’s hard-wired system for intelligence development, which should culminate in the highest function of human intelligence: INTUITION. The 2 “apps” * that are meant to be applied as a single synthesis, provide the language calibrations, or patterns that transpire and support the intuitive development of all abilities – – because the intuitive acquisition of language should support the intuitive development of ALL ABILITIES.

*The same 2 basic “apps” that are used as a single synthesis for the programming of computers are the same 2 basic “apps” that must be used as a single synthesis for teaching young children. These “apps” have been mandated in early education for over 20 years ~ HOWEVER,  these 2 “apps” have been very loosely and separately defined and never singularly synthesized as they have been for computer science, hence the phenomenal advancement of the computer industry.  Only COGNITIVOLOGY has “written the book” synthesizing these 2 “apps” —  as a single application that will assist early educators and parents in fostering the highest function of human intelligence: INTUITION.   These 2 “apps” plus their additional advantageous implications and significances are precisely described in the books “Connecting The Dots – The Cognitively Correct Way to Speak with Preschoolers” AND “The Dots Connected – A Relativity Theory on Integrated Human Development” [Both are available to be purchased directly through this website.]



Cognitively Correct Tea Parties for parents and preschoolers (Seeing the “2 apps” in action).

Professional training of teachers and preschoolers (We’ll come to you).

Anti-Bullying sessions for Teens (Helping teens understand how compassion defines the hard-wiring system of the brain ~ See video).

Consulting with Quantum Logic for the workplace – for Innovation.

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…….More and more Educational systems and facilities are adhering to, and practicing the Neuro-scientific evidence that when teaching and speaking with children, especially young children, it is imperative to omit the specific negations no, not, don’t, can’t and shouldn’t. This is becoming more prevalently accepted with the understanding that the brain is unable to process negations (just as a computer is unable to do).  However, most people would be unable to explain exactly WHY the brain (and computers) deflect the use of negations and how it is inconsistent with knowledge acquisition, processing and development, especially on a long term basis.

In alignment with that, and consistent with other pertinent evidence from Neurophysiology and Cognitive-neuroscience (and computer science), there is another application that is equally significant and should be comprehensively applied, in conjunction with non-negated-positively-constructed language syntaxes.  Making amends with one piece of neuro-scientific evidence is only one baby step toward transforming and reforming education and advancing cognitive potential.

The two most primordial representations, or classifications of knowledge, information and intelligence are: language/communication and the fundamental principles of mathematics.  The fundamental math principles define and describe all entities and processes of knowledge and information, and language dispenses and exchanges the basic properties and principles of knowledge and information. That is WHY these 2 “apps” : Language and the fundamental math principles must be effectively united and synthesized as one application – – precisely the way they are synthesized and applied for computer science, computer functions and computer development.  It is inarguably why computers and the worldwide web have had phenomenol in such a short amount of time.

These 2 “apps” have also been mandated for at least 20 years in early education, but they have been either ignored or miscommunicated.  The problem with the application of these 2 apps in early education, is that unlike computer science, they have never been properly SYNTHESIZED for teacher (and parent) comprehension and application.  Children learn their “mother tongue” from their parents, and parents are children’s first and most significant teachers, because we learn language from our parents.  Only COGNITIVOLOGY  has managed to devise and document the SYNTHESIS of these “2 apps” both in prose and workbook formats for teacher/parent proficiency development skills.

Additionally, COGNITIVOLOGY has included, as a further synthesis, the truer functional definitions for Diversification, (Early)-Cognitive Development, Intuitive development in conjunction with Intuitive Language acquisition, and multi-dimensional sensory development. These are defined as interconnecting and relative processes that are significant to (early) cognitive development and its influence on subsequent stages of cognitive development.  These functions, applications and definitions must be given the equal value, attention and comprehension that has been given to the mandate for eliminating the use of negations in all communication and teaching techniques, especially with young children.

The preschool brain is working entirely different than the elementary school brain and as such, in order to properly reform education (and society), then education must be fundamentally reformed, first and foremost, at the preschool level.  The “academic” standards being imposed on Preschoolers in “preparation” for elementary school are severely interfering with the subsequent development of Critical Thinking Skills, Common Sense, Intuitive Reasoning, Quantum Processing, Hypothesizing, Theorizing, Precognition and Decision-Making Skills ~ diminishing our children’s ability to possess, process, conduct, creatively produce and intuitively excel in (future) INNOVATION skills.  Intuitive cognitive development yields ingenuity and the appropriate integration of human behavior and human intelligence that are both meant to be structured in accordance with the brain’s hard-wired system for compassion – which should be effectively integrated into all systems and endeavors of society on a community and national level.  Please join the cause, support COGNITIVOLOGY.  LEARN WHAT IT MEANS TO RECEIVE A COGNITIVELY CORRECT(R) EDUCATION FROM BIRTH TO ADULTHOOD.

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The top “academic-performing” countries, namely, China, Finland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, are understand the significance of early development. They have a handle on implementing appropriate activities and age-appropriate-cognitive development for Preschoolers.  These countries have placed the proper significance on the “basics” of education. But in U.S.A., we think the “basics” are merely defined by the ABC’s and the 1,2,3’s ~ this is a misguided concept.


When we are willing to accept, understand and learn how to treat ‘cognitive development’, ‘intuitive development’ and ‘language development’ as one synonymous process of learning during the Preschool stage – while realizing that a rigorous assessment of the “evidence” points to the need for placing a laser-like focus on the first ‘5’ years of learning — that is what is needed in order to truly reform education.  Only when we put Preschool at the forefront of Educational reform can we expect to succeed.  But we need to know how!  Preschool-educational reform must scale the patronizing lip service of the obscure and well circulated statements; ‘we must make an impression when children are young’ or ‘the preschool years are so important’. There is Neuro-scientific evidence to make that work.  Other countries have applied the hard-core evidence and information.  Now is the time to make a quantum leap in human development.  We may believe that we need the usual ‘heavy-weights’ in society to accomplish this feat – but the truth is that the fate and destiny of advancing human intelligence can only be accomplished by those who are actively and directly involved in teaching and taking care of Preschoolers.

Once again – – cognition and intuition and language – – are synonymous intelligence processes at the Preschool stage that, when treated as synonymous functions of learning, will ignite a new phase in cognitive evolution.  Only COGNITIVOLOGY has unraveled how these processes are synonymous and how they can be proficiently applied in early education – and in conjunction with the evidence from all major scientific fields.  COGNITIVOLOGY is dedicated to advocating an official alteration to the 90+ year old definition for COGNITION.  This conventional definition has remained unchanged for too many decades, even though the definition for ‘intelligence’ has evolved and changed to include ’emotional development and intelligence.’ “Cognition” and “Intelligence” are coefficients of each other, like time and space.  If you change the definition of one, you must alter the definition of the other to mitigate a consistent significance of each in order to acknowledge that cognitive development is an evolving process.

INNOVATION requires Critical Thinking and Common Sense Skills – The basis for Critical Thinking,  Common Sense and Decision-Making – is established at the Preschool stage.

COMPUTERS are set, programmed and treated with certain algorithms and configurations so that they are properly and fully functional.  There are certain pattern and numerical values, plus, certain language syntaxes that must be used – simultaneously – to input and apply those instructions.  We’d never dream of acquiring a computer that was mis-programmed.  The young developing brain also requires certain patterns and values that must be simultaneously inputted and dispensed with certain language syntaxes so that the network of the brain – or the basic modem of intelligence can be properly established – and also – to defray subsequent mis-configurations that interfere with true knowledge development.  In other words, children require just as much or more care in the treatment of their brains, which in early development, is synonymous with emotional intelligence.  There are distinct applications that are necessary for early brain development, just as there are distinct applications necessary for the fundamental programming of computers ~ The question we need to ask of ourselves is “Do we love our computers more than we love our children”???

MANY Psychologists, Cognitive Neuro-scientists and other scholars are subscribed to the idea that DELAYED GRATIFICATION, which is a necessary skill for Critical-Thinking, Common-Sense and Decision-Making, is rooted in a personality trait, especially since it is so easy to identify as early as the preschool stage.  However, decision-making, planning and foresight – which are also synonymous with Critical Thinking, Common Sense, Intuitive Reasoning, Hypothesizing, Theorizing and Precognition ~ and are skills that require COGNITIVE processing – therefore they are subject to the processes of “cognitive development”, which are skills that we acquire based on the quotients of intelligence (Emotional Intelligence, Intellectual Intelligence, and Willful Intelligence).  “Personality” merely colors how we use our cognitive abilities.  Personality is subject to Cognitive Development.  A proficient development of the brain’s cognitive skills will enhance personality traits – but to be deceived into believing that certain personalities will predetermine that certain personalities will develop certain ‘cognitive’ skills, while other personalities will be devoid of cognitive capabilities – is a detrimental theory that is insulting to human potential.  It is only because these scholars have been unable to identify the root of Critical Thinking Skills that has made them unable to define Delayed Gratification as a “cognitive process”.  To alleviate this frustration, they have presumed to justify labeling Delayed Gratification as a personality trait.   [To learn more about the exact ‘cognitive’ processes, i.e., the cognitive acquisition of ‘Delayed Gratification’ traits, see the section on ‘Instant Gratification’ in “The Dots Connected ~ A Relativity Theory on Integrated Human Developmentby Carla A. Woolf, with Bryce Conway]

COGNITIVOLOGY – The science of intuitive-cognitive- developmental-relativity between emotional intelligence, intellectual intelligence and willful-volitional-reasoning intelligence.

WELCOME Everyone to Cognitivology – the only (grassroots) organization in the world promoting the awareness of INTUITIVE-COGNITIVE-ABILITY DEVELOPMENT.

THE NEXT PHASE IN COGNITIVE EVOLUTION IS BARELY A STRETCH ~ IT MEANS CONSIDERING A NEW DEFINITION FOR COGNITION, WHICH COGNITIVOLOGY HAS DEVISED.   It’s a simple matter.  It entails looking at the available data and evidence from all scientific fields to consider the evolution of cognitive development and human potential. These are the fields that give us the knowledge and information we seek to know more about ourselves and the universe – which is our natural resource for knowledge.

It’s hardly as if we are asking folks to fast forward into the future, to contemplate what intelligence commodities will be in that era and then apply them to our present capabilities.  This much science has given us: that there is a common denominator between all people – that we all have a brain that is hardwired for COMPASSION, while acquiring the values and characteristics of compassion are, predominantly, still subject to the processes of cognition and cognitive development. More than anything else, this is what we have in common.  In other words, the proper order of life means that it should be easy to love and difficult to hate, as opposed to the conventional philosophy that it’s so easy to hate and dislike others while love requires so much hard work and dedication – – this is contrary to the natural characteristics of the brain’s hard-drive.


We are aware of the fact that we are only using about 20% or so, of brain potential – what exactly do we expect will unlock that limitation?  Are we to be satisfied with expressing a realization about “consciousness” – leaving it open to ambiguity and a nebulously hopeful fantasy that one day, it will be the esteem of every person on earth?  There are few agreements on what consciousness is.  In COGNITIVOLOGY terms ~ “consciousness” is merely an auxiliary venue in the quest to achieve full intuitive potential.  Even the highest grade of consciousness would be “intuitive”, which would make consciousness redundant.  With a fully functioning intuition, what is the need for consciousness?

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