REFORM EDUCATION BY REFORMING PRESCHOOL – THE REAL REASON THE NATIONAL DEPT OF EDUCATION IS KEEPING EVERYONE IN THE DARK…   Folks, listen up ~ We only use about 20% of brain potential and  90% of that 20% – – is established during the preschool stage of development.       IN AMERICA, we’ve been messing around with this “90%” for several decades now, in fact, we’ve completely messed it up – – let’s see if we can get Arne Duncan to “do the math”. The remaining 10% of brain development takes place during the elementary and high school years – this little bit of 10% is where the agency’s money and ineffective proposals are being wasted.

We keep trying to alter and improve how the 10% of brain development is performing during the elementary and high school years – and we are doing very little about how the 90% develops during the preschool years, when this 90% determines how the 10% will perform.  The problem is that we totally misunderstand how that 90% of preschool brain development is supposed to work. The information about that is available, it has just been snuffed – why? ASK ARNE !! Actually, he’d be unable to answer, because he’s never done the math himself.  The bigger problem humanity faces is that we have got to start working with more than the 20% of brain potential we’ve been working with, we need to find a way to start unleashing that other latent 80% — and the best way to do that is to work with that 90% neuro-net brain development during the preschool years – that is our only hope.  Do preschool right, do humanity right – do preschool wrong, do humanity wrong.


IF WE DO PRESCHOOL RIGHT, and teachers have creative control, THEN ELEMENTARY AND HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS CAN DO THEIR JOBS, instead of being evaluated by a system that stops them from performing their real jobs — AND THEN WE WONDER WHY OUR AMERICAN CHILDREN ARE PERFORMING SO BADLY ON INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIC TESTS IN MATH, SCIENCE AND LANGUAGE ARTS – Because us Teachers, Parents, and Educational Administrators are failing to do the Math, Science and Language Arts, but we expect the kids to do it.  — LET’S RE-EVALUATE THE NATIONAL DEPT. OF ED. AND APPOINT ADMINISTRATORS WHO CAN ACTUALLY DO THE MATH AND SCIENCE.

The NATIONAL DEPT. OF ED. is desperately pretending to reform elementary and high school, meanwhile they have this ambiguous unsubstantial pitiful sideshow of a committee of scholars, who are, supposedly dedicated to “researching what works” for preschool education — these scholars need to do their homework.  “What works” for preschool has been available  –  rigorously, neuro-scientifically available for at least two decades, it’s the same basic information that has made computers so successful, but it has been ignored for early childhood development.  You can actually call it all a ruse, this ignored information is designed to make people subject to the authorities that be – zero creative critical thinking skills for you, me, teachers, everyone — because Preschool is when creative, critical thinking skills are fostered and intuitively established for life.  EITHER WE ARE WITH THIS PROGRAM OR WE MUST BE AGAINST THIS PROGRAM.

JOIN US, rally to eradicate the National Dept. of Education, or insist that the National Dept of Education re-organize so that PRESCHOOL Development and education is at the FOREFRONT of EDUCATIONAL REFORM.


We have rearranged and completely damaged the way PRESCHOOL IS MEANT TO BE TREATED, because we think we can design and conduct Academic classroom style close-ended-non-imaginative formal literacy development lessons at the Preschool level — when young children are learning everything intuitively — when those type of lessons have nothing to do with intuitive development.


We need INTUITION to exercise and apply the best of our knowledge capabilities. Intuition is the highest function of human intelligence abilities and is meant to be the foremost function of adult intelligence processes. However most of our Intuition is established during the preschool stage. This is naturally consistent with the time that language (and the various forms of communication) are also learned most intuitively, while language is used to impart knowledge, guidance and discipline to all of our fundamental abilities.
It’s a simple calculation of pertinent variables that have been overlooked by the world’s top think tank specialists from all endeavors and fields of human development.
Cognitivology is a synthesis of evidence that has been neglected and is at least 20 years overdue.
The problem is that the basic syntax and semantics of language usage during the stage of intuitive language acquisition has failed to support and ensure the Intuitive-Cognitive-Development of ALL Abilities.
Society can be reformed with quality school and home education. But real educational reform can only be sufficiently, significantly and effectively done when it is properly structured and implemented at the preschool stage of learning.
The highest and best application of our capabilities relies on our ability to intuit – especially in the adult stages of intelligence when we should have achieved an intuitive integration of all of our abilities.
The challenge at hand for humanity is in understanding that the majority of our intuitive capabilities are established during the preschool stage of development. So in order to understand our true potential, we need to understand how the preschool stage of development really operates.
Why are we so removed from understanding our full potential? Because we need to acknowledge the connection between the potential of adult intuitive capabilities and the foundation of intuitive cognitive development at the preschool stage.
So how has this disconnect ensued throughout thousands of years of humankind’s existence? That is also a simple answer: To understand intuitive human potential means understanding intuitive cognitive development during the early years of learning, and more specifically, the peak of intuitive connections – The Preschool stage.
Of all of the documented information available describing the various stages of human development, we retain the least amount of resources and specific relative details regarding the true requisites for preschool learning. The worst part is that there is nothing to explain intuitive-cognitive-ability-development during this stage – and only cognitivology and cognitively correct have labored to uncover and disseminate the nature and processes of ALL preschool learning skills as inseparable learning functions that constitute a lifetime of intuitive-cognitive processing.
Intuitive-cognitive-ability-development is the answer to the problems of innovation and the solution to building integrative systems in ALL endeavors of humanity .
Cognitivology has worked tirelessly to rigorously de-mystify the cognitive processes of human potential that depends on an integrated web of abilities, which are meant to be inextricably linked. The difficulties and challenges we experience are simply evidence about our lack of intuitive development which is an indication of the extent of synaptical wiring – or neurotransmitter connections that are established during, and only during the preschool stage, defining the percentage parameters of simultaneous processing that we’d be able to perform throughout a lifetime – or the circuitry system that we’d be limited to re-wiring and re-firing throughout our lifetime.  There are some misconceptions floating around out there about continual brain development. Yes, the brain is basically elastic, it has it’s so-called, ability to be “plastic”, or to change and transform and re-configure it’s fundamental wiring and circuitry system.  But what we are failing to recognize, or to be told is that you are limited to the extent of re-wiring and re-firing the synapses within the established circuitry system.  You may obtain a new wire or two, but basically, you can only re-wire with the “wires” that you obtained when you were a preschooler.

New evidence is constantly emerging about brain development, so these particular points can and will be debated technically. However, we should look at the real practical implications.  Every day there’s another book expounding upon the notion that you can “re-program” your feelings, your responses and impulses and create a new life for yourself – and that is definitely an advantageous venue that will be necessary for most adults for several generations to come.  But it is still evading the core issue of human potential – – it is insane for adults to spend their mature lives “re-programming” their feelings, motives, intentions and compulsions – – we should be properly “programmed” early in development so that when we reach adulthood, we are re-designing, re-creating and re-inventing ourselves based on our intuitively developed capabilities.  Sure innovative solutions are great for the problems of our world, but our ability to innovate should be applied more toward our desires and capabilities rather than predominantly applied to fixing problems that are a result of our lack of inheriting a full range of human potential capabilities.

How many professors have done the math and put the 2’s and 2’s together to figure out a basis for intuitive development? Intuition is indeed what scholars and experts profess as having been the guiding force of Einstein’s genius abilities. Yet, what have all these same scholars and professionals done to help you develop YOUR INTUITION? You have an even better ability to be more intuitive than Einstein and that makes you a potential genius.
Keep in mind that Pythagoras – the genius godfather of Math – had immense difficulties accepting the concept of “zero” and actively protested its use in Math and Arithmetic. You already have an intuitive understanding of the concept of zero, that already makes you smarter than Pythagoras. It makes sense that Intuition is an attribute that should be fostered in the educational field.  But the foundation for INTUITION IS SYNONYMOUS WITH PRESCHOOL DEVELOPMENT.  This fundamental awareness is necessary to establish a new legacy of human cognitive potential.

“Connecting the Dots”, Cognitivology (R) and Cognitively Correct (R) ~ The World’s Only Resource on Intuitive-Cognitive-Ability-Development!

Adovocating 20+ year old evidence dispensed by cognitive neuro-science and neurophysiology – suggesting that the debilitating use of the specific negations – no, not, don’t, can’t and shouldn’t – MUST be completely ELIMINATED from all communication, guidance and teaching techniques with YOUNG CHILDREN. This is the most SIGNIFICANT PIECE OF DATA provided by neuro-science about the effects of LANGUAGE on BRAIN DEVELOPMENT, yet, it has been the MOST IGNORED.
Or, should we say, instead of applying it where it was meant and mandated to be applied – during early development when language is learned intuitively, and especially because language is used to instruct virtually all abilities. BUT – what happened instead? It by-passed early development, because it was just too difficult to figure out how to guide children and give them instructions without using negations – that would require trusting children’s abilities.   So this idea about eliminating negations and utilizing positive speech semantics went straight into the multi-billion dollar adult self-improvement industry. But it’s time to put it back where it belongs – in child development. If we have to wait for every generation to learn how they were meant to think and feel about the real potential of their abilities, it will always be as if we are taking two steps forward and three steps back.
Language is meant to be an intuitive development, and it is – but intuition is also meant to be structured into our language development to ensure the intuitive development of all of our abilities. We need to reconfigure our language usage so that it is intuitively and cognitively correct. That simply means that language should match the natural configurations of abilities so that as people grow, they intuitively know what their abilities are – and more specifically, what their unique talents are.
Of course the brain continues to transform and change, but the stages of “cognitive development” are over once a person has reached the age of approximately 23 or 25. The possibility of REAL intuitive development is virtually gone, and intuition is what adults should be using primarily for all of their intelligence functions. So obviously the methods of “cognitive development” must be altered and properly understood.
Since intuition is the true seed of innovation, while intuition is also the highest function of knowledge and intelligence applications, then this would implicate a significant change in the ways that we can communicate and the ways that we have built education based on the way we communicate. The time has come to explore the most fundamental necessity of improvement – reviewing the fundamentals.
We can improve education by reforming the K-12 stages of learning, but education can only be truly fixed by restructuring preschool development, whether it’s on the homefront or in preschool facilities – ideally both.
[For a video review see our homemade presentation on youtube and facebook – – posted under ‘Cognitivology.’
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Let’s speak plainly and truthfully, technically preschool teachers and parents need to know ‘3’ things, they need to do ‘4’ things, but they need to understand a whole lot about WHY these tips must be understood and implemented as a synthesized process, otherwise they are as good as left undone.
This is evident anywhere you go, just drop into your local preschool and make some observtaions. Without understanding WHY, educators unfortunately, continue to perform the same ineffective practices.
How can such a statement be made so flippantly? Well, all of the required information and techniques about brain development, etc. have been around for at least 20 years, and most preschools will apply one or the other, but rarely ever all of them. The real mark of a preschool teacher is the ability to juggle all of those techniques simultaneously.
Essentially, preschool teachers and preschooler parents have been cheated, because qualified scholars in early human development should have devised training manuals that coordinate the use of these requisite techniques – – and what has happened? – Preschool teachers and parents have been left ineffciently informed.
Now, we know that – – “diversification”, “hands-on” “positive enforcement and positive reinforcement” and the “total elimination of the specific negations – no, not, don’t, can’t and shouldn’t” – – all must be incorporated in early teaching facilities. But the most important detail is that all of these features are meant to be applied in such a way, so as to ensure the INTUITIVE development of all of children’s unique abilities – coincidentally, and very necessarily during the same early stages when language is also acquired most intuitively. And since we use language to teach virtually all abilities, then language must be suited to match the real potential of abilities.
Early learning is often referred to as “cognitive development”, but it should really be termed “intuitive-cognitive-development”.
Intuition is the highest function of human intelligence that is applicable to all of our capabilities, most especially our quantum processing skills that will essentially be used in adulthood – are meant to be used in adulthood for every endeavor and capability – and our quantum processing skills should be done intuitively.
However, we need to employ language semantics that reflect Cognitively Correct syntaxes – to be consistent with the genuine patterns of abilities. Chidren’s unique abilities must be recognized by teachers. Ideally, teachers should be able to intuitively recognize children’s abilities, but we need to at least begin by recognizing children’s abilities mechanically aided by keen observations. The time has come to cease subscribing to the prevalent protocol of looking for children’s learning difficulties and disabilities as primary barometers for educating and guiding children. Even children with disabilities still have plenty of ABILITIES.

WHAT DOES HUMANITY HAVE IN COMMON? – The most precious commodity of any society – PRESCHOOLERS and children of all ages that learn mathematically and can intuitively learn the mathematical principles that govern the natural laws of our universe. Only Children can equally avail us with a purpose for consciously working together to unlock latent human potential – because real human potential can only be unlocked in children.
Why is Intuitive Acquisition so vitally important to Human Development? “Consciousness” is merely a “conscious” replacement for the lack of human intuitive development.***(see reference below) With intuitive capabilities developed, it is unnecessary to be conscientious, or conscious of every intuitively developed action that we are engaged in. Furthermore, it would even be unnecessary to “teach” or impose responsibility, morals, ethics, compassion and self-confidence, since these attributes would actually be by-products of our genuine intuitive capabilities. When we will have fully attained, or regained our intuitive capabilities, then consciousness will become a relic of the past.

Cracking the code of genuine human potential!
Go ahead – CONNECT THE DOTS for yourself …
The FRONTAL LOBE of the brain that conducts the highest intelligence function of ADULT INTUITIVE REASONING skills actually develops during the TEEN years and quite logically requires the basic syntax and substance of INTUITION, which is predominantly established during the PRESCHOOL years – constituting an INTERDEPENDENT sequence that TIES TOGETHER all stages of Cognitive Development (or basic mathematical skills that are inherent in all processes and entities). The integrative system of human capabilities calls for all FEELINGS, ABILITIES and SENSES to be INTUITIVELY INTERCONNECTED and poised for full INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT during the same early learning stages when LANGUAGE is also most INTUITIVELY ACQUIRED – because we use LANGUAGE to instruct virtually all ABILITIES and SENSES.
Cognitively Correct – Eliminating the Knowledge of Guilt in Language and Intelligence capabilities – – IMPLEMENTING the KNOWLEDGE OF POTENTIAL AND POSSIBILITIES!
Cognitivology – Introducing the ‘Theory of Relativity’ for Human Development: The Science of Cognitive Relativity Between Feeling (E.Q.) – Thinking (I.Q.) – and Willful Reasoning (W.Q.).
PART I – “POSTCARD” (above)
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Information on CONTINUING EDUCATION for PRESCHOOL EDUCATORS and any Professionals in the fields of EARLY HUMAN DEVELOPMENT
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Excerpts from BOOK
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The Future for Young People
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“Cafe Session” TO DISCUSS COGNITIVOLOGY IDEAS FURTHER; learning to pay attention to your own intuitive ideas, learning to respect your intuition and how to let innovation work for your abilities – AND – How to ensure an intuitive cognitive ability development for your future children. Scientists may tell you that intuitive reasoning and quantum processing are two different conflicting traits – but the truth is that they are exactly the same thing. Also, if the world’s best scholars and philosophers expect humanity to achieve an “integrated harmonious state of human capabilities” – how can we expect to achieve something like integration when they are constantly disentegrating and disengaging every characteristic of human potential as though one has nothing to do with the other – that is why Cognitivology insists that there is a theory of relativity for human development – that all the traits and features of human character and potential must be redefined in order to make them “relative”, so that there is a possibility for “integration” to occur. It just makes more sense! So please take a few moments to view our videos on youtube and facebook – posted under Cognitivology – and if you please, pass it around.
In the past societal change depended on the insistence of progress, which was usually advocated on college campuses across the country. But today, the folks that can influence the most change are High School students. So if a Theory of Relativity for Human Development makes sense to you, think about it, but also think about how you will use your ingenuity, your creativity, your developing intuitive reasoning skills now and in the future to validate, invalidate or expound upon the concept of human relativity. Especially think about the quantum leaps in progress that can be made when intuitive cognitive development during the early years will be configured to support the intuitive quantum processing skills that yield real innovation and solutions – in adulthood, in the future.
But one thing is clear, if humanity is ever to feel as though they are part of the universe – a universe that inherently functions according to the basic mathematical principles as defined by the general and special theories of relativity by Einstein, then there must be some kind of parallel theory of relativity that can explain human development and human progress in conjunction with the natural laws and priniciples of the universe.

ALSO, of course, learn more and ask questions about the “Human Relavity” equation and the definition of COGNITIVOLOGY ~ Cognitive Relativity between Feeling (emotional intelligence),
Thinking (intellectual intelligence),
and Reasoning (willful intelligence).

GET A SNEAK PEAK – Below, there are two excertps from the relativity resource: “THE DOTS CONNECTED – A Relativity Theory on Integrated Human Development” [By Carla Woof, with Bryce Conway]
See the first page of the PREFACE read the EPILOGUE

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Excerpts from BOOK

“THE DOTS CONNECTED – A Relativity Theory on Integrated Human Development” ~ Cognitively Correct’s latest publication:

OUR LATEST PUBLICATION ~ “THE DOTS CONNECTED, A Relativity Theory for Integrated Human Development” ~ A workbook and professional training manual for anyone involved in the fields of early human development, early childhood welfare/issues, early education and cognitive neuroscience –

“Why on earth does humanity need another book or resource on human development? Is the average person even interested in human development, or what we are truly capable of doing and achieving, especially if we had any real idea about the natural power tools that we are designed and equipped with?
Everything in this text details and outlines four simple comprehensible premises; first, that we are meant to develop all of our abilities intuitively. Second, that our current and ‘official’ definition for ‘cognition’ must be redefined. Third, that the three main characteristics of ’emotion,’ ‘intellect’ and ‘will,’ shared by all human beings, must each be rigorously defined as COGNITIVE intelligence processes that are interdependent and interconnected. Fourth, that language must be compatible with the brain’s design for processing knowledge and information, and that intuitive language and intuitive ability development must be equally and simultaneously applicable in the foundations of early learning to ensure an intuitive integration of all of an individual’s capabilities. Finally, it would be wise to understand that ‘human development’ IS ‘child development,’ and the goal of working toward greater human potential must be approached from this standpoint.
Most significantly, the highest goal of human potential; intuitive reasoning, quantum processing, precognitive abilities and creativity must be, indeed, can only be formatively established during the preschool stage of intuitive learning and development.” ….

* * *
(continued) – – the EPILOGUE ~ from “The Dots Connected”

When Einsteing said that “the release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking” and that “the solution to this problem lies in the hearts of humankind,” did he have any idea how this solution would unravel, or did he just hope that humanity would figure out some answers and resolutions before we’d completely misuse nuclear energy and technology?
It is the assertion of Cognitivology and Cognitively Correct development that ‘the solution to changing our way of thinking lies in the hearts of children.’ When humanity comes to terms with that, then they will realize that the only way to unlock latent human potential is by focusing our energy and resources into suitable systems of education and development for children. Human development must be addressed from the standpoint of child development, but first we must understand child development.
In Einstein’s own ‘thinking’ he was entirely correct, because the exploration into the hearts of humankind is a treacherous one. However, adult heartbreak is rooted in childhood heartbreak, and if human development is essentially child development, then digging into millenniums of childhood heartache will be one of the most painful expeditions we could ever undertake and experience as a united race of people. Until that is done, we will just keep suffering the same fate of unreasonable thinking rooted in unreasonable feelings.
If we are to revolutionize the way we think, we must revolutionize the way we feel, and since the brain is designed by emotions and a majority of the brain’s synapses have structured and established nearly all intuitive connections by the time an individual reaches age ‘5’, in conjunction with the intuitive acquisition of language, then our best hope to positively revolutionize the hearts of humanity is to do it on the preschool level of development.
Gratefully, it is our fortune that the innocent trusting love in the hearts of children gives us a new opportunity every generation to explore our prospects for greater knowledge and human harmony – because our hearts’ desires are the solution to thinking about the real potential possibilities of total human potential.
–Carla A. Woolf and Bryce Conway

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Alternatively, if your teaching staff would like to be the observers rather than the listeners in a Continuing Education session, then book a tea party instead. Afterwards, teachers and host can have a question and answer session.

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The Future for Young People

Are you trying to fit into a world that is intent on defining you – about who you should be, or what you should do ???
We are standing at the frontier of an advent ~ the age of Quantum Thinking and Quantum Processing. It is your intuitive and creative privilege and responsibility, to let go of an old world that means to define you according to traditional standards of living and conventional livelihoods.
The future of livelihoods, work and innovation depend on your senses of compassion, your passions, ideals and aptitudes in order to define innovative designs and qualities for our changing world.
It’s unnecessary to “fit in” or to allow others to ostracize you, or judge and criticize your feelings or your struggles. Your feelings are the seeds of your true abilities and they should be fostered for all of the creative and constructive intent you can muster to enhance your life and make your contributions to society.
It’s more important for you to own and idealize your best aptitudes and only you can intuitively know and understand what your feelings, and therefore, what your aptitudes realy are. Trust your feelings to lead you to your abilities. Understand the value of compassion and never surrender your self-esteem and confidence to others – whoever they may be! Those that see the wrong or bad or inadequate in you have been cultivated to see those attributes in themselves. But with your intuitive strength, you can perceive beyond those difficult qualities and see the abilities in others even when they are incapble of valuing and perceiving their abilities within themselves.
Approval for your feelings – should ideally come from your parents and many young people are fortunate enough to have that support from their parents, teachers and caretakers – giving any young person a greater sense of pursuing his or her best abilities. Some young people have been denied that fortune – either way, as you embark on adulthood, only YOU can give your own feelings the approval they deserve and the knowledge that can be derived from them, especially when they are treated constructively and compassionately according to “The Knowledge of Potential and Possibilities.”
Be proud of your individuality and be yourself – nobody else can be you, nor can they utilize or decide what your abilities are, so never let them steal or extort your feelings – because only your individually unique feelings are the seeds of your individually unique abilities – so only YOU can be in command of them. Anything less than that constitutes ‘the knowledge of guilt’ which is a false emotion that robs you of your real feelings and abilities. The future of “The Knowledge of Potential and Possibilities” in this age of Quantum Thinking depends on you owning your own feelings – Treasure them and you will do your job to treasure and build a part of the world that will benefit from YOUR PRESENCE, YOUR ESSENCE AND YOUR INTUITIVE INCLINATION TO ‘RESPOND TO YOUR ABILITIES’ – producing the natural by-product of ‘RESPONSIBILITY’

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Only COGNITIVOLOGY and COGNITIVELY CORRECT have uncovered and defined the THREE characteristics of Emotion, Intellect and Willfulness as interconnecting cognitive processes – defining a THEORY OF RELATIVITY for HUMAN DEVELOPMENT.
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Please see our home page for more regarding our two main Publications about *** Cognitivology and *** Cognitively Correct ~
which are :
*** “CONNECTING THE DOTS – The Cognitively Correct Way to Speak With Preschoolers”
*** “THE DOTS CONNECTED – A Relativity Theory on Integrated Human Development”

DISPLAYED BELOW are two of our most recent publications. We are proud to present these editions that will help parents and teachers celebrate everyone’s Abilities.
There is of course, several pages with lists of “cognitively correct” vs. ‘cognitively incorrect’ ways to speak with children about food, health and nutrition – WHICH IS WHY – we Included the “Cognitively Correct ‘Nutrition’ Chart” – – which really is a – –
“Cognitively Correct ‘Everything’ Chart” ~ because for preschoolers; eating a vegetable must be just as important and valuable as making a mud pie, or learning to count, or listenting to a story, or exhibiting good manners and social skills, or processing a finter painting – unless you understand the difference between making zero differences of value between all of these learning skills – then they will lack intuitive development and be subject to heavy management for a lifetime.

We are proud of Bryce Conway, our CEO, for collaborating on the “Cognitively Correct Nutrition Manual” and for independently creating a publication that appeals to so many. Thanks for your fantastic work.

Cheers Everyone, Carla Woolf, author of Cognitively Correct literature.

***Refer to Julian Jaynes work recorded in “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” (HOUGHTON MIFFLIN COMPANY copyright 1976, 1990)