My Mom Is Fat

My Mom Is Fat
My Mom Is Fat
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4 thoughts on “My Mom Is Fat

  1. Carla Woolf

    I finally had a chance to review the book closely. I was very impressed with the concepts presented, and I think it is very original in its presentation. I like mixing photography with art. However I feel there needs to be more uniformity in the illustrations. Using photos and illustration, it could get somewhat distracting to have such a variety of styles. – Rene Carson – By Hand Media

  2. Carla Woolf

    Review written for the County Seat Newspaper – Sept 1 2009 by Laura Contini:

    My Mom is FAT, a children’s book written by Bogota Native Bryce Conway, is all about having a positive body image despite what the scale shows. Conway, who penned her book as ” Sydney and Spencer’s mom,” believes that children get their body images from their parents. Therefore, it is imperative for parents to teach their children to unconditionally love the way they look and to emphasize their own positive body image.
    The book features pictures of Conway and her children taken by her husband, Stephen Mazzella. The book also has a space for children to share what makes their moms special. Conway feels that it is time to start a new generation of children who believe in a positive body image, despite outward appearances. The book sends a powerful message that it is okay to be who you are.

  3. Carla Woolf

    I love the book and it’s concept. I too, have had weight issues for the past 4 years. I hate the way I look and have zero self-esteem. I often wonder how that affects my girls. Bravo to the author!
    – – Melissa, Pittsburgh, PA